11 Ways to Help you Stay Motivated During your Fitness Journey

  1. Create SMART Goals

  2. START SMALL – You have to be realistic with yourself. Start small. Start by saying you will take 1 flight of stairs instead of the elevator. Start by drinking more water. Getting 1% better every day over time will lead to extreme long lasting results.
  3. Find an ACCOUNTABILITY Partner/Support Groups – Tell the world your goals! Find a partner who will keep you accountable that you can be honest with. Whether you enjoy one on one help or just posting in a group, find your tribe and let them hold you accountable. And don’t throw a bitch fit when they call you out. You need those types of people!!
  4. TALK TO YOUR FAMILY and tell them how they can support you – Having your family support you is so important! If they are holding you back or slowing you down, you need to tell them and let them know what they can do to support you in your journey. We are always better together.
  5. SCHEDULE IT – Would you miss an important meeting with your boss? Then don’t miss a meeting with yourself FOR yourself! Put in in your schedule when you plan to work out, meal prep, or have accountability meetings.
  6. TRACK AND MEASURE YOUR PROGRESS – The scale is NOT the only way to track your progress. Click here to read a previous blog about different ways you can track your progress that does not include a scale.
  7. FIND WORKOUTS YOU LOVE – If you hated crossfit with a passion, would you do crossfit every day? PROBABLY NOT!!! You need to find a workout that you enjoy doing, but still challenges you. Everyone is different. I enjoy powerlifting and I have friends who enjoy barre, cycling, or zumba. To each their own. You just have to find what’s going to be best for YOU while still challenging you and pushing you.
  8. EAT FOODS YOU LOVE – If you’ve never eaten cauliflower a day in your life, would you start now?? DON’T! Find foods you actually love and make substitutions if you need to. If you start resenting your diet, it will not be sustainable over time. I’m not saying you shouldn’t try new things, you definitely should, but don’t go crazy with making substitutions or eating food that doesn’t taste good.
  9. CONSEQUENCES – You need to discipline yourself for not doing the right thing. You may need to take away that glass of wine or not have any cheat meals for the week. Whatever is going to work for you to get you to realize you can’t fall off the wagon again–that’s what you need to do.
  10. REWARDS – Reward yourself for doing a job well done and achieving those goals! Whether you want to treat yourself to a cheat meal, pedicure, a new outfit, whatever it may be, reward yourself because you have done the damn thing!
  11. DO NOT GIVE UP – Your fitness journey is going to take all of your mental capacity and will have its ups and downs. Do NOT give up!!

Health and fitness looks different on everyone. At the end of the day, you need to do what works for YOU. Find the type of workouts you enjoy doing and eat foods you actually love. Just because Sally does Orange Theory 5x a week and eats a raw vegan diet and loses 30 lbs fast doesn’t mean her system is going to work for you. 

DO NOT hop on the bandwagon and try the new fad diets. At the end of the day, if you are trying to lose weight, the only thing you will do to achieve that is to make sure you are in a caloric deficit (more info on this topic later). Every single person’s body composition is so different. Whether you are tracking your macros, vegan, keto, or whatever, you need to ENJOY dieting so you don’t resent it. The second you start resenting your food is when you will start backtracking on your journey and lose all progress.

Seek professional help if you truly need it. You know your body best and if you have tried every single thing under the sun and nothing has stuck… it may be time for you to talk to a professional to help you find the underlying issue. Whether you need to seek a personal trainer, nutritionist, dietitian, hormone specialist–be real with yourself and accept when you need help.

You want your diet to be sustainable overtime, so if you aren’t loving what you’re eating on days 1-5 and you can’t eat like that for the rest of your life, that’s probably not going to be the diet for you.

I’ve said this so many times, but you can’t always rely on motivation to get you to the gym or to get you to eat the 4th salad for the day. You have to dig deep and find the discipline to do the things you don’t always want to do because you know it’s the RIGHT thing to do and it’s what’s going to get you closer to reaching your goals. Remember why you started and enjoy the process.