Hormone Balancing Diet

Hormone health is so important, but unfortunately, hormonal imbalances are on the RISE. We have hormones that balance our blood sugars, thyroid hormones, sex hormones (estrogen + progesterone), hunger hormones, and so many more! Before we start off with the nutrition fundamentals for balanced hormones, let me introduce myself!

I’m Lahana Vigliano, CEO and founder of Thrival Nutrition and board certified clinical nutritionist! I’m passionate about helping women use the #foodasmedicine approach to their health goals! A lot of women that walk through our practice doors have tried “everything and nothing is working”. Ooo girl, I get it.

There is a LOT of nutrition and wellness noise on social media and the interwebs and I want to be a trusted source for you to lean on! Our team specializes in hormonal health and gut health, which is so interconnected that I’ll briefly talk about! We also wear our optimal health lens on, not disease lens that many conventional practitioners have on. 

Let’s get started!

ALL Macros Are Important For Hormones

If you’re severely restricting any of your macros, you might be doing one of your hormones a disservice. 

Let me take a step back and mention something: Everyone is bioindividual. We alllll react to foods, diets, supplements, very differently. We have different lifestyles and genetics. So, what may work for me, may not work for you, which is where a practitioner is super handy.

Hopping off my soapbox now. Macros, which are your proteins, carbs, and fats, play a different role in hormones. 

Proteins break down into amino acids, which are building blocks for hormone production, transportation, and utilization! Protein is important for adrenal hormones, thyroid, melatonin, insulin, and our hunger hormones.

Fats break down into fatty acids, which are needed for fat-derived hormones, like estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and stress hormones! We need fats to be able to transport these hormones around the body.

Carbohydrates can benefit your thyroid, adrenal hormones, support gut health, and keep blood sugars balanced. 

There is no macro that is better than the other, but it takes a little bit of work to really tweak to what YOUR body needs. What you can start with is having a balanced balance between them all and getting the best quality!

Eating Variety For Hormones

While focusing on nutrient dense high quality foods, make sure you’re eating a variety of different fruits and vegetables a day and getting different animal proteins every day. Each type of food holds a different micronutrient content! 

P.S. If you can answer YES to this question, you are on the right track. “Can I grow it or kill this food?”

We need the micronutrient diversity because hormones need an array of different ones! Thyroid needs…

  • Selenium
  • Iodine
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin D
  • Iron
  • B vitamins

Your adrenal hormones (aka the stress hormone called cortisol) needs…

  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium
  • B Vitamins 

Which speaking of stress…

Avoid Common Inflammatory Foods

The most common inflammatory foods are sugar, alcohol, dairy, and wheat. Reducing the amount of inflammation that you take in from your diet is the first step to getting all the things back into check!

Start by taking these out for 30 days + work with a practitioner to see if adding certain things back into the diet would be okay for your bioindividuality! 

Lower Stress For Hormones 

While this isn’t nutrition-related, this is IMPORTANT. Increased levels of cortisol on a chronic basis can through your thyroid off, adrenals (obvi because that’s where cortisol is made), and sex hormones off. Ever have a delayed period due to stress? Yep. Your body isn’t going to want to reproduce if it thinks you’re in constant fight or flight. If you aren’t ovulating, you barely are making progesterone, which makes you naturally estrogen dominant.

It truly is a domino effect. So, lower your stress, girl! Take time to do what you love and give yourself those breaks during the day to pray, meditate, and/or journal.

If you’re tired of throwing sh*t to the wall and seeing what sticks, we offer a free 15 minute phone call to show you how we can help you and get you set up with the right program for you! Time to provide your body with the ultimate self-care! www.thrivalnutrition.com/workwithme


Lahana Vigliano, CCN

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