How to Track Your Fitness Progress

While the SCALE is a good way to track progress, it’s not the only way to track progress. Take note of your weight every day, then take the average weight each week to determine overall progress for the week. 

TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS!! Take lots of progress photos and compare them to the week before. Tips for taking progress photos: Try your best to be consistent where/when you take these, i.e. same time of day every time (lighting), same clothes, same backdrop, etc. Take photos of your front, back, sides, relaxed, and flexed.

There was only a 4lb difference between these photos.
This is why the scale is not the end-all-be-all!

BODY COMPOSITION TESTING: There are a lot of places that offer body composition testing (most for free!! Try 5Star Nutrition or Complete Nutrition). This is a very accurate and detailed report and is an excellent way to track progress. I would recommend getting 1 done periodically.

MEASUREMENTS: Take measurements every week to compare them to the week before. Oftentimes, these numbers will move before the number on the scale does. Take measurements at the widest part of the body part mentioned below.

It’s easy to lose sight of where you’re going when progress is moving slowly. You have to be consistent in order to see results! As long as you are sticking to the plan, eating right, working out, the results will follow. Be patient with yourself and have some Grace.