Motherhood during COVID-19

For this blog post, I am partnering with self proclaimed, “hot mess mom,” Shani of @your_daley_dose. I see you mom. I see you struggling wearing so many different hats during this quarantine. I see you becoming a teacher, a chef, a housecleaner and a medical professional. Being a mom is an extremely tough job. I can’t even imagine having kids through this entire pandemic. I know most of my friends here are moms and since I am not one, I partnered with one of the best ones I know!

Shani is the mother of a rambunctious, curious, and intelligent 4 year old, Liam. She is sharing a few bumps she’s hit along the road and all of of her wins of her journey of Motherhood during COVID-19.

“That’s the last apple pouch for the day!” This is echos throughout my home on a regular basis. I am on a constant snack watch. I had no clue this is what my daily quarantined life would look like but I cannot complain.

Prior to COVID-19 my heart’s number one desire was to have the ability to have an active role in my four-year-old son Liam’s education. And then COVID-19 touched down in central Texas…

I’d like to make clear that I’m not pleased that this is the way I was able to stay home with my son. I’m well aware many have lost their lives due to this vicious virus and feel deeply pained for the grieving families.

Once I was informed I’d be working from home (yes, I’m still working and quarantined with a four-year old), I became an overnight teacher. I had started searching for age appropriate curriculum and turning my dining room into a classroom. I mapped out a schedule for the both of us and thought this was going to be a breeze! I ask that we take this moment to laugh at how naive I was.

For three weeks I’ll admit it was actually a breeze we would wake up, ride our bikes to the playground, play a bit then return home for yoga and breakfast. I had created activity centers for Liam to be entertained with but to also learn. This routine was so blissful and then COVID-19 took another turn…our playground and pool shut down!

Trying to explain to a little person why they’re unable to visit the playground/pool is a tough task. This took a toll on my little one simply because I stopped taking him to the grocery store weeks prior and stopped attending social gatherings with our friends. Needless to say COVID-19 started to piss off Liam and I could tell.

One night I thought to myself how would I feel if I were Liam? I’m not able to go to my favorite places, see my friends or touch anything outside my home. I started to meditate on a constant phrase Liam tells me — “I want to go places.” So I put on my creative hat and started looking up places in Texas that don’t appear to look like Texas. Every week we learn about the place we’re visiting that weekend and amp ourselves up. This has brought my son so much joy, it gives him something to look forward to, and he gets to learn.

So far we’ve gone to a Buddhist temple in South Austin, Fredericksburg, a Japanese tea garden and have many other locations on our list. Liam’s eyes have lit up because I simply choose to pivot and come up with a plan that best suits my family’s lifestyle and needs.