My 2019 Intentions

It’s January and the beginning of a new year. Which can only mean… we are all setting goals for the rest of the year! 

Instead of sharing my 2019 goals with you guys, I wanted to share my intentions. 

What exactly is an intention? Intentions are fuel to manifesting goals and visions. It’s sort of like a road map to my goals.  It’s kind of like trying to drive to Vegas without a map and GPS. You may know that Vegas is West… but if you don’t know the exact turns to take and highways to navigate… you’re never going to get there. Think of intentions as your personal GPS to Vegas… AKA your lifetime GOALS!

These are things I want to work on every single day and all year round, instead of just achieving something and moving on to the next one. These intentions are here to help me get to my goals more efficiently. 

Setting these intentions help me stay motivated on a daily basis and find inspiration, when it’s buried deep underneath my piles and piles of to-do lists.

In no particular order–

  1. Say “no,” more often. 
  2. Take time to celebrate small wins along the way.
  3. Take better care of myself.
  4. Less screen time—phone and TV.
  5. Gratitude every day.
  6. Read at least 10 pages of a book every day.
  7. Words of affirmation.
  8. Turn negative thoughts into positive and always find the good in things.

What do you want to manifest this year?

What are you doing every single day to get you closer to your goals?

What’s standing in your way?

What are tools that can help you?