Your online presence is CRUCIAL now more than ever!

It is 2020 and it took a crisis for people to understand the relevance of social media. It hurts me to say “it took a crisis” and hurts me to acknowledge that people did not understand social media previously. I feel I have been preaching the importance of having an online presence for a while now and I have been annoying EVERYONE. 

Gosh, I am just like you and I want life to go back to normal, but right now it is so important that we do what we can for all of our businesses. Yes, I am biased about the importance of social media because my job is social media-based. However, during the time of social distancing, the only way we can stay truly connected is through social media. 

Let’s be honest COVID-19 is a big deal. Honestly, I want it to be over with like everyone else, but it is our reality right now. So many businesses are suffering right now and it makes me so sad to see fellow entrepreneurs struggle especially after taking the leap of faith to start their businesses. 

During this time being in communication with your customers (clients) is more important than ever before! I am going to give you my current favorite example of a business that thrives off of customers coming to their locations and how they are utilizing social media to it’s finest…

**drum roll please**

Main Event! 

Did you know that Main Event is hosting virtual birthday parties (I believe daily) for all the children who cannot celebrate their birthday outside of their home and immediate family?

That is so HUGE! I want us to go into details on why:

  1. Making a child smile (is everything)
  2. Increasing your profile views (more views on your page)
  3. Showing a personal side to your business
  4. The parents are loving that you are taking the time to show their child you (Main Event) cares. Therefore, when social distancing is over YOU WILL BE THE FIRST PLACE THEY TAKE THE CHILDREN

Customer rapport is amazing and they are seriously crushing it during this time! 

Remember, this would not be happening if they did not utilize social media. A prime example of the importance of having an online presence. 

What does brand recognition mean to you? 

Here is a definition of, “Brand recognition is the extent to which the general public (or an organization’s target market) can identify a brand by its attributes.”

Have you seen this commercial? 

Marketing at its finest. In this commercial the name of the company was not mentioned EVER nor was it shown. The marketing and advertising genius behind this commercial effectively used brand colors and shapes to demonstrate the brand and trust me, we all know who it is. 

Like them or not. 

While you are understanding the importance of having an online presence you should learn about brand colors. When you are creating a brand you want to make sure that the colors you use to create images/graphics are all cohesive and bring a sense of familiarity. 

The goal is that when you have a graphic posted on Instagram (or whatever platform) your audience will know that it belongs to you. It is important to have that brand familiarity with your audience! 

Quick takeaways for you to build familiarity with your audience online:

  1. Figure out your brand colors and use them
  2. Use consistent fonts

I want to ask you an important question. Where do you think you’d be without your customers? 


It is so important to form relationships with customers no matter what type of business you are in. 

Great customer service goes a long way and once you show that your customers matter and you care about those relationships you will continue to thrive in your business. 

3 great brands that have amazing customer service: 

  1. Carnival Cruises: they make sure all of their employees are personable with their guests. For example, your suite keeper – he/she will direct you by name. Your server will direct you by name and when I tell you they are so amazing WOW. They really instill customer service into their workers!
  2. Coffee Shops: Starbucks may have started this, but capturing your name once you place your order so that when your coffee is ready they can call at your name (that personable). 
  3. ColourPop: Every time you order online from this brand they write you a note and it truly adds a great personal touch to your shipment. 

So, these brands are successful and I know you are probably wondering, “Terrah, this has nothing to do with the importance of having an online presence.” Eh, maybe you are right. However, I really wanted you to see the importance of building relationships with your audience online. 

Customers are the only reason your business will see success. If they aren’t buying you aren’t thriving. Show them you care and you’ll be surprised what will happen. 

Here is how you can build relationships with your customers online:

  1. Respond to their comments
  2. Thank them for showing love on your posts
  3. Show love on their posts
  4. If they share a story or posts about your products or services (SHARE IT + TAG THEM)
  5. Do polls to see what they like and dislike about certain topics (make them feel involved)
  6. Do BTS – give them an inside look of your business! They’ll think they have the exclusive
  7. Create an email list where they can get discounts 

It is so imperative that you have an online presence and if you are hesitant on if it is right for your business to reflect on today’s climate and how because of “Stay-at-home” more people are online. 

You want to be on their mind so whenever they have the opportunity to purchase from you and give you business they’ll remember. 

Remember to stay social and elevate your business! 

Terrah LP

Terrah LP is a Social Media Manager and Social Media Business Coach. Her focus with her coaching clients is to help entrepreneurs in the early stages of their business create systems so they can sell more on social media! Marketing is her passion and the understanding of a social media presence is essential to any business. After obtaining her degree in Marketing, Terrah has worked in many industries such as: hospitality, fitness, gyms, real estate, clinics, natural shops, and lawyers. 

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