PLEASE Stop Wearing Shoes Inside the House

Growing up Asian, it was a normal thing for me to remove my shoes before entering my home. When I started making “other” friends, they thought I was so weird for taking off my shoes at their house.

In Asian culture, I always assumed removing your shoes was a RESPECT thing. But in reality, it was all about CLEANLINESS. My mom trained me at a very young age how to clean and had me on a cleaning schedule for the entire household by the time I was 12 or 13.

Please know that if I ever see you on your stories wearing shoes around the house… I am judging you hardcore. HAHA! 

Here’s why you always remove your shoes before entering the house:

  1. 93% of your shoes have fecal matter on them
  2. Our soles are dirtier than toilet seats
  3. More than 421,000 units of bacteria exist on the bottom of our soles (E. Coli and C. Diff have been found in some studies)
  4. Heavy Metals can be tracked into your home
  5. Bacteria lives on your shoes longer than almost anywhere else
  6. There is a 90% chance that whatever is on your shoe will transfer to your floors. If you let your babies crawl around on your floors.. Or have dropped a piece of food and ate it after the 5 second rule… let that sink in for a sec.

Think about it for a second. Think about all of the surfaces you walk on. The unknown waste, fecal matter, and bodily fluids that may be on the ground. You would be tracking those same things into your homes. My OCD self is cringing the entire time as I’m writing this. PLEASE stop wearing shoes inside the house. If you don’t do it for cleanliness… do it for your health.