The Power of a Handwritten Thank You Card

It seems like writing thank you notes are at thing of the past, and it’s definitely something that is far out of practice, especially with our generation. I can’t remember the exact time or who influenced me to do this, but I’ve been writing thank you notes since high school for various reasons.

I just remember receiving a thank you note in the mail from a teacher and it made me feel some type of way, and I wanted to make my friends and family feel the same way. I personally love receiving thank you notes because it makes me feel appreciated. 

If I order something from a friend and they write me a personal thank you note, I’m more likely to be a loyal returning customer because they actually appreciated my business. I write thank you notes to make sure my friends know I appreciate everything they’ve done for me.  Whether it’s a quick thank you for a purchase, a gift, giving me a ride, or just being an overall amazing friend, I make it a point to send thank you notes. I keep cards on hand at all times!

Why you should send thank you notes:

  1. It’s personal
    1. Writing thank you notes means that the recipient is important to you and you can show them you care enough to be thoughtful.
  2. It’s memorable
    1. It’s very likely that if you’ve ever written me a thank you note, I have it saved in a box somewhere, after it was displayed on my fridge for a few months.
    1. They make people feel special and appreciated. 
  3. It sets you apart
    1. Customers are more likely to be loyal and returning customers if they receive hand written thank you notes from the business owner.
    1. Nobody else does it, so it sets you apart from your competition.