Tips for Better Beauty

Overall… my skincare journey is pretty boring. I have pretty normal-combination skin. I don’t have a lot of breakouts, only hormonal ones when Aunt Flo is in town. I was never taught to care about my skin, except to wear SPF50 when I played outside.

If you asked me 5 years ago what my skincare routine was… I would’ve responded that I only washed my face with body wash in the shower and used Oil of Olay face lotion for moisturizer. Isn’t that HORRIBLE?!

The truth is, I was blessed with very good genetics and I don’t have a lot of issues with my skin. But that does NOT mean I shouldn’t be taking care of it. Our skin is our largest organ and I finally realized that I needed to start taking care of it. There are things we need to do to protect and nourish our skin, and I was ready to start my journey.

I started my research a few years ago on several different brands that I had heard of. I stumbled upon one company’s website who is very well known in the skincare industry. I had a lot of friends and family members using their products. I was ready to hit the “add to cart,” button until I noticed a little disclaimer at the bottom of the page that read something to the tune of, “Caution. Some ingredients are known to cause cancer in California.”  CANCER?!?! Uhhhh… NO THANK YOU!!! I will NOT purchase something and knowingly put shit on my face that will potentially give me CANCER!!!

Back to the drawing board I went. I found another brand that was very new to the skincare industry, but had a TON of endorsements and was taking social media by storm. I bought it and used it and I liked it okay. It did what I needed for my skin (although my skin is pretty low maintenance). My favorite part about this brand? IT DIDN’T CONTAIN INGREDIENTS THAT CAUSES CANCER!

But… after a little while the products weren’t really doing anything for me, other than just cleansing and moisturizing. I wasn’t really happy that I was paying my hard earned doll-hairs on pricey products that I felt wasn’t performing like they should. 

A few months ago, a dear friend of mine introduced me to Beautycounter. I really wasn’t in the market for new skincare products, but I wanted to support her so I bought a moisturizer.  I could tell an immediate difference the very first time I used their products. Not only did the product perform like I expected and needed it to…. It is SAFER than probably 97% (I totally made up that statistic) other skincare products out there on the market. I learned that the cosmetics industry is highly under regulated and the U.S. hasn’t passed any laws affecting ingredients in skincare/beauty products since 1938. Y’all… that’s almost 81 years ago. That’s a long freakin’ time to have passed a law to regulate an industry that is an estimated $445 Billion industry.. yes…. BILLION. And the U.S. only bans 30 ingredients?! WTF???? We deserve better than that!!!! 

Beautycounter’s mission is to get safer products in the hands of everyone. Beautycounter has a Never List of over 1500+ ingredients that are never used when formulating products. Beautycounter: Bans intentionally. Screens rigorously. Learns constantly. Sources responsibly. Shares transparently.  Join me in my journey to better beauty. It’s time to switch to safer. This time, it’s personal. 

Here are some of my best tips for taking care of your skin:

  1. Wash your hands before you touch your face.
  2. Wash your face with warm water and not in the shower.
  3. Make sure all of your tools/brushes are always clean—tweezers, washcloths, makeup brushes, etc.
  4. Exfoliate your face 2-3x a week to get rid of the dead skin cells on your face and prevent breakouts.
  5. Practice good hand hygiene. I carry a little travel hand sanitizer in my purse and use it after the gym, after pushing carts at the grocery stores, after the Starbucks drive thru… basically, anytime I come in contact with the public! 
  6. Clean your phone screen as often as possible! Some studies have shown our phones are dirtier than toilets!!
  7. When was the last time you washed your bed sheets and pillowcases? Make sure you are always lying down with a cleansed face. 
  8. When was the last time you washed your hair? Oils from our scalps can travel to your face and clog those pores and cause breakouts!
  9. When was the last time you replaced your loofa or washcloth? Those things can carry a ton of bacteria! Make sure you are swapping them out on a regular basis. This includes your shower towel, too. 
  10. No matter how tired you are… always wash your face at the end of the day and remove all that make up!
  11. Drink your water, people!! A hydrated body = hydrated skin.

Last but not least… and this is definitely the LEAST obvious… What have you been eating? Our gut health is directly correlated to our skin health and if you haven’t been feeding your insides nutritious foods… it’s going to show on the outside. 

Beauty starts from the inside out.

If you have any questions about skincare or would like to join my private Facebook group to learn more about better beauty and switching to safer products, e-mail me anytime at –Hearing from you is the best part of my day!